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General Hospital
August 6, 2008

Today on General Hospital

Sonny asks Claudia if she spilled his secret to Jason.

In New York, Johnny and Lulu are rattled to receive a visit from a pair of uniformed officers. Lucky cautions Sam that she may have bitten off more than she can chew if Jerry is indeed involved with the counterfeit drug ring. Kate walks in on an argument between Claudia and Sonny.

Anthony suggests to Carly that she take a more pro-active approach to bring his son home safe and sound.

After breaking down the apartment door, the policemen tell Lulu and Johnny they want to question Sal in connection with a gang shooting. Jason refuses to rise to the bait when Ric needles him about how Sonny stabbed his best friend in the back.

Meanwhile, Sonny assures his fiancee he hasn't returned to the business of organized crime. Tracy hires a private investigator to locate Luke. Johnny covers for a grateful Lourdes in front of the cops.

Carly reports to Jason on her chat with Anthony. Karpov tells Sonny he has a crucial shipment arriving that night. Scott barges into the Quartermaine mansion again in search of information about Lulu.

Later, Anthony also arrives and informs the Quartermaines that heads will roll if any harm comes to his boy.

Lulu continues to feel certain that Lourdes' crush on Johnny is going to cause big trouble for them in the end. Kate faces off with Claudia, then icily advises her to keep her distance from Sonny.

Ignoring Jason's words of warning, Carly decides to cozy up to Karpov in hopes of learning his true agenda. Spinelli admits to an exasperated Jason how he let some inside information slip to Maxie.

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