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General Hospital - 8/8/08
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Carly tells an exasperated Jason she had to let Karpov grope her so she could get her hands on his PDA. Matt angrily informs Nadine that he's been trying to learn the source of the counterfeit drugs.

In New York, Lulu continues to be haunted by bloody visions of a vengeful Logan. Enraged to stumble over proof of Karpov's deceit, Sonny declares their association at an end.

Jason warns Carly how risky it would be to keep cozying up to Karpov. Johnny tries to cheer Lulu on her birthday. Claudia pulls a gun on Matt and orders the doctor to leave Nadine alone.

Lucky again cautions his brother and Sam not to jump to conclusions about Jerry. Later, Jerry arrives at the free clinic and drops a hint to Nikolas about some phony heart medications which are making the rounds.

Sonny suggests to his fiancee that they elope that very night but Kate insists on going through with the splashy wedding of her dreams. Maxie encourages a dejected Spinelli to believe in himself.

Nadine again reminds Nikolas why he has no say in what she does with her life. Mike reports to Sonny how three of Karpov's largest henchmen threatened him at the diner.

Leyla gives Nadine a badly needed pep talk. Meanwhile, Claudia clues Nikolas in about Nadine's crush. Maxie tails Spinelli when he heads to Karpov's warehouse on the heels of Jason and Carly.

Nadine plants a kiss on Nikolas. Claudia, Jason and Carly come under fire.

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