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Now in their new apartment, Maxie and Lulu argue about what they're going to be doing to spruce up the place.

When Maxie insists on taking the bigger bedroom because of her huge wardrobe, Lulu demands it because she has a boyfriend.

Just then, Spinelli arrives and is shocked to find the two are now roommates and that they are in the midst of a big fight.

Lulu resents it when he takes Maxie's side.

When Johnny arrives, Lulu quickly announces she's taking the bedroom.

Elizabeth thanks Lucky for putting up with her and boasts how important he is to her sons' lives.

Relieved when Patrick comes home, Robin hands him the baby and rushes out.

In the park, she opens up to Mac about being a failure as a mother.

He assures her that she'll be a great mom and Patrick later adds his own assurances. Diane brings Jason and Sam to special agent Thomas Rayner to get their statements about the kidnaping.

Though he hints they deserve to be charged with murder, the agent listens to their outrageous stories and decides they won't be facing any charges.

Sam goes home afterwards and is relieved when Lucky takes her in his arms. Nevertheless, when he kisses her, she pulls back.

Diane warns Jason that he's "on fire" and asks him to stay away from Elizabeth who has just arrived. Instead, Jason tells Elizabeth that Jake would have died if Sam hadn't taken him out of the roadhouse in time.

He tries to impress upon her how dangerous being around Jason is. Seeing through Luke's pity act, Tracy kicks him out of the Quartermaine mansion. Edward later asks how she would feel if Luke was out of her life.

Claudia complains to Sonny about how pleasant he is to her.

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