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Admitting he ran into Maxie in the middle of the night, Johnny hands back the key to the apartment and announces to Lulu that he's going to find a job. Lulu warns Maxie to stay away from Johnny.

Patrick and Robin wake from a nap and discover that the baby has been asleep for four hours with interruption. Talking about presents, Patrick admits he's hiding the presents for her at Matt's house.

Claudia's taken aback when Sonny sternly announces that there will be no Christmas tree this year. He points out that the holiday for him is ruined because he can't be with his kids.

Ignoring him, she heads out to the local tree lot where she is shocked to find Johnny hawking newly-cut trees.

Defending his job selection, he refuses to have anything to do with her and her marriage even after she claims she's getting closer to Sonny.

Alexis lectures Sonny that she'll prosecute any "mob members" in Port Charles. Luke quietly asks Epiphany to admit him as a heart patient to help him win back Tracy.

After Epiphany sets him up in his own room, Luke calms his worried daughter and reveals he's faking his heart problem and asks for her help telling Tracy.

Instead, she urges him to tell Tracy the truth about his feelings.

Tracy fishes for information about a new cardiac patient from Monica.

Finding Luke in the cardiac ward, Monica examines him and decides he needs emergency quadruple bypass surgery.

Nikolas offers his support to Nadine who worries about disappointing her Aunt Raylene. She and her family are shocked to watch her video will.

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