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Trevor admits to Carly that some parts of her plan are intriguing but claims that Kate is of no consequence in his life.

Carly turns to Nikolas for help with her plan to ruin Kate and Jax by ruining Crimson first.

Seeing Ric eyeing Claudia, Sonny asks him about his interest in his new wife. Ric covers Sonny resents it when Claudia interrupts his meeting and decides that he's done enough for one day.

Sonny tells them both that they are never to undermine him or make decisions on his behalf. After Sonny leaves, Ric tries to kiss Claudia but she claims it's too risky to continue their secret relationship.

He warns her not to hope for Sonny to fall in love with her but she claims she doesn't believe in love.

Sonny tries to convince Kate that he still loves her and married Claudia to protect her but she guesses he likes being a mobster.

Trevor warns Kate that Carly sought his help seeking revenge against her.

Hurt, Kate stuns Olivia by suggesting that she let Sonny know about Dante. Diane resigns as his attorney after learning that Sonny married Claudia.

With Tracy on the warpath, Alice and Monica urge Edward to swallow his pride and issue an invitation to Luke to move back into the Quartermaine mansion.

After laying into Alice again, Tracy imagines Alan urging her to go to Luke to try to work things out. Monica and Edward try to convince Luke to come back.

He's receptive to the idea and later, reminds Tracy that misery loves company. Tracy wants nothing to do with him and announces that she's flying to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce.

Finding Johnny and Lulu in deep discussion about what to do because of the punch he threw at the sheriff last night, Maxie offers to help them until Johnny asks the cybermaster to come up with phony IDs for them.

Spinelli discovers they don't have to skip town or do anything because no charges have been filed.

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