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Jason and Sam worry about another cave-in as they attempt to escape. Their efforts are met with success as they slip out to the fresh air.

With flowers in hand, Jason asks her cousin Bo to see Nadine Cromwell.

Bo warns him not to hurt her. Nadine talks about her dying Aunt Raelene and tells her family it's not necessary to get married.

She's shocked though when Raelene announces her last dying wish is to see Nadine married.

Taken to a local cantina, Tracy finds Luke waiting inside with a welcome to the Dominican Republic and an offer to buy her a "zombie."

She tries to leave but a sudden storm strands her at the bar with Luke.

Impressed he was up all night taking care of the baby, Robin remarks how Patrick is about to go do a shift at the hospital while she is exhausted.

At the hospital Epiphany, Matt and Leyla are amused when Patrick claims he can work just fine with four hours of sleep and then fails to remember a patient he discharged two days ago.

Epiphany eventually sends him home to sleep.

As Robin complains about a crying baby, Maxie arrives and sends her to the bathroom for a relaxing shower while she takes care of the baby.

As an anxious Elizabeth and Lucky wait outside the interrogation room, Mac questions Sasha about the shooting and kidnaping at the cabin.

She denies knowing anything but privately warns a worried Elizabeth that she has herself to blame because of her involvement with Jason.

Sasha later hears from the head of the Russian syndicate that he wants Jason dead. After helping an appreciative Maxie with the baby, Spinelli gets some information to Sam and Jason who track the Russians to a roadhouse where they find proof Jake is there too.

Robin's frustrated when Emma stops crying once Patrick come home.

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