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As Patrick treats her stab wound at Sonny's, Olivia refuses to go to the hospital or to Kate's. Patrick tells Sonny that he doesn't want anyone different treating his patient.

When he asks if he should notify Olivia's son, Patrick suggests Sonny respect Kate's desire for privacy.

Claudia's not pleased to see they have a house guest.

Mac puts his foot down and tells Maxie and Spinelli that if she continues to have anything to do with her quirky friend, she'll have to move out and leave her car, too.

Stubborn, Maxie announces that she'll do just that.

Spinelli tries to make her see the error of her ways but she confesses that how much she values his friendship, admitting she'd rather spend one hour with him then live happily ever after with anyone else.

Already regretting what he's done, Mac seeks advice from Robin who offers her support. Though Elizabeth is thrilled to have Jake back, Jason and Sam are uncomfortable to see her and Lucky together.

Jason suggests that Sam is the heroine but Sam then claims that it was Jason who figured out how to rescue the baby. Jason adds that it's his fault that the baby was in danger in the first place.

Jax calls her dress play with Kate childish and tells Carly that their marriage is over.

She points out he's still wearing his wedding ring but he counters that he slept with Kate because he knew it would end their marriage once.

He laments that he's tired of breaking up and getting back together.

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