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This afternoon's General Hospital Recap: 2/12/2008

Monica's growing dependence on alcohol becomes more difficult to hide. Jason again reminds a guilt-stricken Elizabeth not to breathe a word about her possible involvement in the hit-and-run until he's checked the alibis of the other people on the road that night.

Sam explains to a sympathetic Patrick why Lucky doesn't believe she's still being menaced by the text message murderer. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Lucky admits to Alexis, Scott and Mac how Sam said she was attacked by the serial killer the night she was hit by a car. Logan apologizes to Lulu for pushing her to have sex before she was ready. Johnny wonders if his father could be getting better.

Epiphany continues to snarl at her coworkers even as they struggle to cover for her mistakes. Jason asks his bristling mother if she ran Sam down. Epiphany finally receives the urn containing Stan's ashes. Elizabeth encourages Robin to tell the father of her unborn child the truth. Jason questions Carly.

Patrick reassures a shaken Leyla after Epiphany lashes out at her in a blind rage.

Michael loads his gun. Luke and Johnny have a discussion about Lulu during a chance encounter on the hospital's roof. Morgan crawls under his brother's bed to investigate Michael's secret.

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