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General Hospital
The Official Recap
February 18, 2008

Nikolas remembers seeing someone else attacking Emily the night she died. A trembling Lulu tearfully accuses Logan of being the text message killer.

Claudia comes on strong with Sonny but he rejects her advances. Michael accidentally drops his gun on the docks and it discharges, hitting Kate.

Logan hastens to prevent Lulu from calling the police, then explains how he was collecting evidence about the murders in order to frame Johnny.

Ian criticizes Patrick for causing harm to his patient by delaying Nikolas' treatment. Jason fills Johnny in about his sister calling a meeting of the Five Families.

Michael flees from the pier, leaving Kate lying in a pool of her own blood. Maxie brings Spinelli, Jason (Steve Burton) and Johnny another piece of the puzzle.

Nikolas tells Emily he knows for certain he didn't hurt her. Lainey advises Alexis not to push Kristina too hard as the traumatized child continues to withdraw.

Mike wonders why Daniel never showed up for his shift at the diner. Claudia stumbles across the unconscious Kate but elects to do nothing.

Jerry admits to Alexis why he felt made arrangements for Coop's funeral. Nadine encourages Nikolas to ask Emily straight out if she knows who took her life.

General Hospital
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