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PART ONE: Lulu tearfully admits to Johnny that she's having doubts about Logan's guilt. Meanwhile, Maxie slips into Logan's hospital room and vows to make him pay for murdering her sister. Sonny threatens to kill Trevor and all three Zaccharas if Kate should die in the OR. Carly breaks her exciting news to Jason, then is annoyed to face questions from her friend about the night of the hit and run. Leo explains to Sonny and Jax why Kate is still listed in guarded condition following surgery.

PART TWO: Mac, Scott and Spinelli go in search of Maxie and find her standing over Logan's bed. Admitting that she intended to cut off the air supply, Maxie tells her dad how memories of Coop gave her pause. Carly's denials only serve to make Jason more suspicious. Claudia wonders what Trevor is holding over her father. Sonny sits vigil beside Kate in the ICU. Alexis reaches out to Scott as he wishes he could have been part of his son's life from the start. Lulu and Johnny give in to passion and make love.

General Hospital
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