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PART ONE: Carly teeters on the verge of panic as she waits for word on her missing son. Meanwhile, Jason reluctantly brings Sonny more bad news as he maintains his vigil beside Kate's hospital bed. Sam confides to Alexis her doubts about Logan being the text message killer. A fed-up Jax snipes at Carly for always putting Jason ahead of him. After calming down, Jax apologizes.

PART TWO: Sonny assumes Michael was kidnapped by the Zaccharas and instructs Jason to watch for ransom demands. Claudia tells Trevor she wasn't responsible for Kate's shooting. Patrick cautions Scott that the longer his son remains unconscious the more likely it is that Logan will slip into a coma. Meanwhile, the real serial killer plots his next move.

PART THREE: Aboard the Haunted Star, Johnny tries to help Lulu feel better about the choices she's made. Later, Johnny suggests to Lulu that they go out on a real date. Trevor (Stephen Macht) issues a new threat to Claudia. Ric explains to Elizabeth how he's turned over a new leaf. Jerry informs Jason that someone has been withdrawing cash from Lorenzo's bank accounts.

The text message murderer reveals his identity to Sam.

General Hospital
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