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PART ONE: Carly suddenly suffers a sharp abdominal pang after Jason arrives with a warning that Lorenzo may still be alive. After gagging Sam, Diego prepares to spring on Maxie. Robin reminds Patrick that the baby is hers and hers alone because she made the decision not to include the sperm donor in any way, shape or form. Lucky asks Elizabeth to let him take the boys on a fishing trip.

PART TWO: Still recuperating from the heart attack, Epiphany admits to Cassius that she feels like a failure. Alexis brings Kristina over to Ric's place and meets Marianna for the first time. A fuming Scott accuses Spinelli of helping to put Logan into a coma by fingering the wrong man as Port Charles' serial killer. Maxie dodges a bullet as she wanders out of Diego's reach just in the nick of time.

PART THREE: After Robin complains to him about the Smiths' sad situation, Patrick moves to help Angie get the treatment she so desperately needs. Claudia pays a call to Kate's hospital room. Carly gets a clean bill of health but can't stop fretting about her son. Epiphany wishes she could have had another chance to be a better mom to Stanford. Mike gets a special request at the diner.

General Hospital
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