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General Hospital recap, 2.27.08

Acting on orders from Sonny, Max and Milo capture Johnny and lock him in a padded room. Scott threatens to have Lulu arrested for attempted murder. Diego chortles to Sam about the fear he's struck into the hearts of all his victims during his reign of terror. Sonny realizes how close Claudia came to spilling the beans. Meanwhile, Claudia tells a skeptical Jason she knows nothing about Michael's disappearance.

Ian forcibly restrains an agitated Scott when he gets too close to Lulu

Nadine comes across Nikolas lying senseless on the docks. After recovering from the blackout, Nikolas convinces Nadine to help him get back to Windemere. Revealing how his mother recently died of a heart attack, Cassius tells Epiphany why he thinks she would benefit from meeting other survivors. At Kelly's, Spinelli is pleasantly surprised to learn of Maxie's involvement with the local Go Red support group.

After her captor departs, Sam wriggles out of ropes and climbs into a heating duct. Certain Sonny has kidnapped her brother, Claudia warns Jason that all bets are off if Johnny isn't returned. Lucky gives his grateful kid sister a gentle piece of advice. Diego secretly sets an explosive device. Leo, Monica and Cassius team up to convince Epiphany to attend the Go Red meeting at the diner. An enraged Sonny bellows at Jason.

Diego foils Sam's escape attempt. Nikolas watches Emily collapse as he relives the night she died. Sonny has his men rough up Trevor. Elizabeth comes face to face with the masked Text Message Killer.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers ...

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