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General Hospital
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Feb. 28, 2008

As Carly tries in vain to get her mind off of her missing son by working on the nursery, Jax reports that he's put a team of private investigators on the search. Jason gets nowhere trying to convince Sonny that the Zaccharas might not have caused Michael's disappearance. Nikolas tells Nadine he saw the Text Message Killer.

Elizabeth attempts to flee from the man in the ski mask but he grabs her and drags her into Sam's apartment. Lulu rails at Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Spinelli for planting seeds of doubt in her mind about Logan. Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) explains to Jason why he believes Diego is the murderer. Mike takes Sonny to task for constantly excluding him from important news about the family.

After locking Sam in the trunk of his car, Diego handcuffs an unconscious Elizabeth to the back seat and prepares to leave but is accosted by Max. Following a pitched gun battle in the parking garage, Diego escapes by knocking Max over as his vehicle speeds away. Ian gives Robin and Patrick a heads-up about the danger of drugs which may be circulating through Port Charles. Max manages to place an urgent call to Jason.

Sonny thanks Mike. Michael takes refuge in a cabin and meets Peg, who guesses that the boy is a runaway. Lulu meets Claudia for the first time. Spinelli and Maxie head into the sewers in search of the killer's lair. Elizabeth struggles with Diego and sends the car careening halfway off a bridge.

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