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PART ONE: Claudia comes to the psychiatric hospital to see her father and informs a startled Johnny that Trevor sent for her. A groggy Elizabeth struggles to stay awake as she drives towards the safe house for her rendezvous with Jason. Meanwhile, a drunken Monica and an emotionally overwrought Carly set out for home in a driving rainstorm. Lucky explains to his sister why there's been too much for him to reconcile with Elizabeth, then reveals how a betrayal by Sam has ended that relationship.

PART TWO: Fleeing her attacker, Sam runs out into the road and is immediately struck by a speeding car. Kate tells a scornful Sonny why she's confided her painful secrets to Jax. Johnny angrily accuses Trevor of playing both sides against the middle. A suspicious Anthony asks Claudia the real reason she's come to Port Charles. Kate presses Sonny (Maurice Benard) to admit that he still wants her. A badly shaken Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) finally arrives at the safe house and clings to Jason.

PART THREE: Robin (Kimberly McCullough) bristles when Ian offers her some advice about Nikolas. Later, Patrick officially brings Ian on board to consult on Nikolas' case. A distraught Monica returns to the hospital and breaks down in tears in the doctors' locker room. Carly throws a hissy fit when she comes home to find Kate talking with Jax. Claudia issues an ominous warning to Anthony. Monica reports her car stolen. Nikolas whispers to Emily his fear that he may have run someone down during another blackout.

General Hospital
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