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Today on General Hospital, Lulu scrambles to intervene after spotting Sonny holding a gun to Johnny's head. Carly informs Jax she may have scratched up the car when she swerved to avoid something on the road. Maxie and Spinelli break into Coop's to search for evidence which could posthumously clear his name. Sam's attacker regains consciousness and takes off, leaving her lying in a pool of her own blood in the middle of the street. Sonny warns Johnny he'll be toast if their paths ever cross again.

Ric phones Alexis with a surprisingly upbeat assessment of his sojourn on Martha's Vineyard. Jax is ecstatic when a beaming Carly reveals that she's pregnant. Sonny drops in and leans over Anthony. Spinelli discovers a pill vial in Coop's drawer. Johnny urges Lulu to keep distance for her safety. Sonny pulls a gun on Anthony, who calls his bluff. Lucky explains to a disappointed Alexis how he's broken things off with her daughter. Alexis and Lucky hurry to the hospital after receiving an urgent call from Jerry.

General Hospital
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