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General Hospital: Episode Recap, Feb. 7, 2008

Sonny presses Jason to work harder on tracking down the mysterious Moreau. As Sam regains consciousness, Elizabeth inquires if she knows who ran her down. Nikolas tells Emily he still doesn't remember what happened when he got behind the wheel of his car the night before. Claudia orders Trevor around as they prepare for a meeting with the Five Families.

Luke tries once more to reconcile with his angry wife but Tracy refuses to relent. Carly (Laura Wright) confides to Jax her fear that the text message killer is still at large. Reflecting on his recent military service, Logan tells Lulu how haunted he is by images of innocent Iraqi citizens caught in the crossfire. Nadine catches Nikolas once again conversing with the empty air.

Carly overhears Johnny regret his half-sister didn't take him along when she left home. Lulu yanks away from Logan's embrace, prompting him to accuse her of running hot and cold. Sam describes her terrifying ordeal to Lucky but realizes he doesn't find her story credible. Nadine nags Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) until he admits that he's been seeing his dead fiancee for weeks.

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