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Trevor cautions Claudia that she's getting in over her head by calling for a meeting of the five families. Claudia remains confident. Carly and Claudia cross paths at the Metro Court and hit it off.

At the five families meeting, Claudia arrives and recognizes Sonny from their one-night stand.

The two are stunned to realize they're from warring mob families. Marianna grows closer to Ric, but we learn she's secretly working for Ric's father, Trevor.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) is pained by Lucky's disappointment in her and later confides to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) that the Text Message Killer is still on the loose.

Elizabeth confesses to Jason that she fears she might have been the person who ran Sam down with her car. Jason turns to Spinelli to figure out exactly what happened on the night of Sam's accident.

Logan is filled with rage as he secretly watches Lulu and Johnny sharing a kiss. Mike catches Michael buying bullets on the docks.

General Hospital
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