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  • Part One

Diane is thrilled to be nominated for "Litigator of the Year." Meanwhile, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) squeals in delight to receive word that she, too, has been nominated for the award. At the hospital, Luke hooks up with his Cuban connection to score another dozen illicit cigars. Jason and Spinelli try to uncover just where in Manhattan Sonny is being held in custody.

  • Part Two

Lucky tells Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) he spent New Year's with Sam. Luke promises his kids and Tracy he's going to follow his doctor's orders. Carly threatens to evict Alexis for failure to pay rent on her office space at the Metro Court. Nikolas tells Emily he no longer suffers from bouts of rage but wonders if he's gone mad. Alexis and Diane scurry to find the perfect outfit for what each woman hopes will be her big night.

  • Part Three

Under the guise of an alias, Jerry sets yet another evil scheme in action. Alone at last, Luke lights up one of his cigars but begins coughing badly. Stan phones Epiphany, who reminds her son how much she loves and misses him. The call is cut short as Epiphany suddenly hears a crash from Stan's end and the line goes dead.

General Hospital
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