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Kate has an awkward encounter with Sonny, who icily claims he's over her. A fuming Elizabeth orders Sam to hand over baby Jake and get out of the Spencer house. Maxie screams in horror to find Coop hanging in his room. Ian tells Patrick he's joining the staff of the hospital.

Sonny accuses Kate of stomping on his heart for a second time, then informs her he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Elizabeth threatens to reveal all of Sam's secrets to Lucky unless she backs off. Mike tries to console Maxie, who insists Coop would never have killed himself.

Ric (Rick Hearst) continues to confide in his new friend about the demons that have haunted him in the past. Michael realizes that he needs bullets for his new gun. Tracy announces to Monica that she's suing her for malpractice in the wake of Luke's botched surgery.

Kate sadly suggests to Sonny that he's in love with the memory of Connie. Lucky convinces Elizabeth to let him take her back to the hospital. Police find DNA results linking Coop to Georgie's murder. Maxie protests as Mac concludes that Coop was indeed the text message killer.

General Hospital
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