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PART ONE: Carly (Laura Wright) happily welcomes Jax home from Hawaii. Sam confides to her mother how she's fallen in love with Lucky but is afraid that the good times can't last. Lucky demands to know the reason Elizabeth doesn't trust Sam with her children. Jason explains to angry Sonny why he doesn't believe Johnny deserves to be rubbed out. Kate drops by, seeking advice from Alexis. Robin's bombshell catches Patrick (Jason Thompson) off guard. Jason tells his boss how he caught Michael trying to steal a gun.

PART TWO: Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) divulges to Lucky how Sam witnessed Jake's kidnapping and did nothing to stop it, then hired gun-toting thugs to harass the Spencer family. Diane and Alexis both offer Kate the wisdom gained from their own experiences with Sonny. Robin assures Patrick that he is not the father of her child. Sam plans a romantic surprise for her lover. Jax and Carly get back to work on making a baby. Kate tries to mend fences with Sonny but he icily accuses her of being a huge phony.

General Hospital
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