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General Hospital Episode Guide (Pt. I): Luke returns to the mansion only to find his wife has been evicted. Carly crows to Jax how she knew all along that Coop was the serial killer who terrorized Port Charles for so long. At the hospital, Lucky tells Elizabeth how much he regrets the way their marriage fell apart when he began popping pills. Nikolas asks Jason if he believes Coop was responsible for Emily's murder. Sonny heads to a local dive to drown his sorrows and quickly draws the attention of a woman sitting at the bar.

General Hospital Episode Guide (Pt. II): Determined to prove Nikolas could never hurt her, Emily goads him to lose his temper when they're alone together. Max confides to Jason how good he thought Kate was for the boss. Meanwhile, Kate tearfully admits to Jax that she's a total fraud. Lucky comes home to face Sam. Sonny invites the mystery woman up to his room. Sam begins to declare her love to Lucky, then is taken aback when he labels her a liar. Jason and Nikolas believe the text message killer is still at large.

General Hospital
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