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As General Hospital resumes, Max feels certain the Zaccharas put a hit on Stan, Jason again refuses to place any blame on Johnny. Felicia implores Mac to let her assist in the search for the psycho.

Jerry continues to try to worm his way into Alexis' affections. Then Jerry angrily reminds his silent partner how he's the one taking all the risks in their new business venture. We'll see how he reacts.

Maxie lashes out at her mom once more about never being there for Georgie. Luke digs out another hidden cigar and begins to light up but has to stash it when Lulu arrives. Trevor takes Johnny to task.

Russell offers Epiphany condolences. Later, Epiphany heads to the coffee shop to speak with Jason. Coop promises Maxie that he will find out who killed her sister. Sonny has to return to Port Charles.

Spinelli assures Epiphany that he and Jason will do everything they can to bring her son's murderer to justice. Mac has Johnny brought in for questioning. Meanwhile, Jerry's next move puts Lulu in jeopardy.

General Hospital
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