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PART I: Alexis and Diane are forced to rent a car and start driving towards Philadelphia after they're thrown off their flight. Sonny's foul mood deepens as he orders Max to find the link between Johnny and the shooting at the restaurant. Finally together at the safe house, Elizabeth shows Jason photos of Jake's first Christmas. Certain Jason would never have left her out of the loop about something as major as him having a child, Carly finds Sam's story impossible to swallow. Diane and Alexis' vehicle suffers a flat tire on a deserted road.

PART II: Resolved to protect Jake from the consequences of his decisions, Jason tells Elizabeth how he fears Michael will turn into Johnny Zacchara one day. Though drawn to Ric, Skye reminds him why she's unwilling to get sucked into his power struggle with his brother. Johnny pays a visit to his father, who warns him to watch his back around Trevor. Carly marches into Elizabeth's house and stares at Jake, then realizes with a shock that the baby is Jason's. Jason gives Sonny some unsolicited advice about his love life. After fixing the flat, the two bickering attorneys set off once again but quickly run out of gas. Later, Elizabeth rats Sam out to Lucky.

General Hospital
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