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Diane and Alexis find themselves at a biker bar in the middle of nowhere. At the hospital, Luke tries again to make a break for it but is quickly busted by Tracy. Carly hits the roof after Jason reluctantly confirms that Jake is his son. Skye returns to the lake house with a proposition for Ric.

Elizabeth informs Lucky that his girlfriend's big mouth has endangered the life of an innocent baby. Desperate to reach Philly in time, Diane tries to barter for the use of a cell phone. Skye offers Ric the deed to Lorenzo's waterfront property, then announces that she and Lila Rae are leaving.

Spinelli confides to Nadine his plan to become a PI. Jason objects as Carly badmouths the mother of his child. As Epiphany snarls at coworkers, Monica advises Stan's grieving mom to let friends help during this difficult time. Elizabeth reminds Sam that she could still reveal the truth about Jake's kidnapping.

Tracy threatens to have Luke arrested for smuggling contraband cigars if he does not cooperate with his doctors. Cassius' heart goes out to Epiphany as she receives Stan's personal effects from the state police. Encountering open hostility after Alexis lets it slip that they're lawyers, Diane pulls out a gun...

General Hospital
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