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General Hospital
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

An indignant Robin accuses Anna of betraying her by siding with Patrick. Jason tells Sonny that Carly isn't pregnant and was in fact lying about them sleeping together.

Across town, Carly informs her husband of the test results. After Johnny gets the drop on him, Jerry threatens to reveal the Zacchara siblings' role in Michael's shooting.

Anna points out to her irked daughter how badly she's underestimated Patrick. Jason advises Sonny to be honest with himself about the reason for his hurried engagement.

Claudia warns Johnny that Jerry has an affidavit on file which will incriminate them both. Ric appeals to Kate to prevent Sonny from getting drawn back into the coming mob war.

Alexis urges Robin to make room for Patrick in her child's life before their situation gets too complicated to resolve out of court.

Carly convinces Jax he has nothing to worry about where Sonny is concerned. Later, Jax confides to Kate how disappointed he was to discover that his wife hadn't conceived after all.

Anna again suggests to Robin that she's overcompensating for her own unusual childhood. Johnny is outraged to learn that Jerry was the one who stabbed Claudia.

Spinelli's attempt to calm Elizabeth's fears about Claudia and Jason only winds up making matters worse instead. Carly gleefully offers Kate some unsolicited advice about her doomed marriage plans.

Jerry entrusts Alexis with an important document.

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