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General Hospital
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Lucky asks Nikolas and Nadine for any details so that he can help track down Logan's killer. Diane accuses Spinelli and Jason of being involved in Logan's murder. Lulu reaches for the phone in Maxie's apartment, to call the cops and tell them what she's done.

Patrick brings Robin some peach trifle, just what she's been craving, before they head off to fight each other in court. Matt shows up at the clinic and lets Lucky and Detective Harper know that Logan walked up to him and asked him if he liked working there. 

He also describes a fight that he witnessed between Logan and Maxie, hours before he was found dead. Maxie grabs the phone and says Lulu can't do this to her, Johnny, and Claudia - all who helped cover up the murder.

Anthony informs Trevor and Ric that Logan is dead and everyone worries that Johnny is the responsible party. Anthony looks to pin it on someone, anyone besides his son. 

Mac shows up at Maxie's to deliver the news about Logan and she pretends as if it's the first she's heard of it. Anna tries to mediate between Patrick and Noah, who have very different opinions about Robin's pregnancy.

Mac goes to Anthony's apartment to get alibis from him, Trevor, and Ric.  When Lulu and Maxie show up at Johnny's, Claudia takes control and says that everybody is going to do as she says. 

Detective Harper arrests Jason as a suspect in Logan's murder. Nikolas tries to protect Nadine and doesn't want her implicating the Zaccharas at the police station but she says that she can handle herself.

Patrick pushes Noah to the point of storming out of Robin's apartment.  Maxie goes to find Spinelli to make sure that his opinion of her hasn't changed after the staged fight at Kelly's. 

When she finds out that he's on his laptop trying to find Logan's killer, she accidentally spills soda onto it. Lulu blames herself for not getting out Johnny's apartment when she had the chance and not calling 911 before Logan arrived there.

Anthony speaks to Claudia alone, asking her where and when Johnny killed Logan.  Patrick tells Robin that he has to go through with the court proceedings because he loves her and their unborn baby. 

Matt receives a mysterious phone call and says he has to move on to Plan B since Logan has been found dead. 

Anthony wants Claudia to tell the cops that she witnessed Jason killing Logan. Nadine stares at a lineup, one that Jason is in, and is asked to identify the driver that dumped Logan's body.

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