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General Hospital
July 11, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Carly loudly objects when Jason is put into a police line-up. Anthony presses Claudia to protect her brother by claiming she witnessed Logan's murder at Jason's hand.

Meanwhile, Mac and Lucky go to the Zacchara penthouse to question Johnny and are surprised to find Lulu on the premises.

At the courthouse, Diane warns Alexis she intends to win Patrick full visitation rights with his unborn child.

Spinelli risks incurring Sonny's wrath by reminding him that he no longer has any say in the business. Upon hearing Claudia's story, Anthony orders his goons to bring Maxie in for a chat.

Kate faces public humiliation at the Metro Court after Carly spreads a nasty rumor to the press. Anna decides not to testify against her daughter after all. Lucky wonders why his little sister is suddenly so skittish.

Noah comes to the same conclusion as Anna and elects to stay out of the litigation process. Claudia and Johnny argue again about Lulu. Sonny blasts Carly for embarrassing his fiancee in such a cruel fashion.

Noah commends Patrick for baring his soul on the witness stand. Anna learns that Eli is on his way back to Port Charles. Anthony warns Maxie to come clean about Logan's murder ... or else!

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

General Hospital
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