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General Hospital
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Carly admits to her fuming husband how she spread lies about Kate to the tabloids. Spinelli tells Lulu and Johnny he still has no clue who might have killed Logan.

Maxie nervously relates for Anthony the cover story that she, Johnny and Lulu agreed upon to conceal the truth. Claudia pulls a gun on Jason after finding him snooping around her car.

Mike hopes that his son's marriage to Kate will prevent Sonny from drifting back into a life of crime, then is concerned to learn from Spinelli about the compromising photo taken in Manhattan.

Anthony threatens to kill Maxie without a second thought if anything happens to his son. Harper and Lucky place Claudia and Jason under arrest.

Jax blasts Carly for deliberately hurting both him and Kate. Frightened by her close encounter with Anthony, Maxie rushes to Jason's penthouse and clings to Spinelli.

Later, Maxie tearfully confides to a startled Spinelli how Lulu stabbed Logan to death. Sonny assures Kate that Carly cannot come between them.

Across town, Carly hurls another ultimatum at Jax. Anthony cautions Johnny to follow his instructions to the letter if he wants Lulu to stay safe. Mike gives a grateful Kate his full support.

Jax and Carly finally come to an understanding. Kate is pleasantly surprised to discover that all the media frenzy has been good for business. Maxie bestows a real kiss on Spinelli.

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