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General Hospital
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July 15, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Sonny objects when Kate elects to exploit a PR opportunity to promote "Crimson."

Eli Love's return to Port Charles has the staff at the hospital buzzing with excitement. Meanwhile, Robin decides to conceal her pregnancy from Eli so the singer won't know Anna is on the verge of becoming a grandma.

Spinelli is on cloud nine after spending the night with Maxie. Lulu begs Johnny to run away with her but he insists that she let him handle the police.

Later, a miserable Lulu watches as her own brother arrests Johnny for Logan's murder. Kate explains to Jax why they need to be seen together in public more often, then is disappointed when he informs her he won't go against Carly's wishes.

Trevor and Ric begin planning Johnny's defense. Spinelli gushes to an amused Jason about being made whole by Maxie's love and trust. Tracy gets nowhere reaching out to an unhappy Lulu.

Jason learns from Spinelli how Logan really died. Kate's interest in provoking gossip continues to grate on her fiance.

Maxie unwittingly crushes Spinelli when she tearfully declares that having sex with him was a mistake because she never wanted to do anything to ruin their friendship.

Anthony issues a dire warning to his attorneys. Jason slips into the Quartermaine mansion to assure Lulu that he'll fix her problem.

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