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General Hospital
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on General Hospital:

Carly and Jax enjoy kissing and making up. In the morning, however, Kate drops by to talk with her business partner and quickly draws Carly's ire.

Spinelli sadly confides to Jason how his heart has been broken. Robin assures Patrick that Anna is going to be a wonderful grandmother.

Lucky vetoes Sam's dangerous plan to ferret out the source of the counterfeit drugs. Lulu's latest outburst convinces Johnny that Maxie's warning was right on target.

Max explains to Jason why he and Milo need to go back into Sonny's employ. Eli invites Anna to join him on tour. Later, as Robin and Patrick arrive at Jake's, Eli is amused to realize that Anna is about to become a grandma.

Johnny urges Maxie to do whatever she can to keep Lulu from losing control. Carly whines to an exasperated Jason about Kate constantly getting between her and Jax.

Sam and Lucky stage a loud quarrel at the hospital in front of Elizabeth, Jerry, Matt and Nadine. Spinelli reveals to an enraged Johnny that he and Jason both know the truth about Logan's death.

Kate reminds Jax why they need to continue working closely together until "Crimson's" launch despite his wife's concerns. Anna is hurt when Eli lies to a reporter about the nature of their relationship.

Afterwards, Patrick slugs Eli for disrespecting his unborn child's grandmother. Maxie appeals to Jason for help.

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