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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on General Hospital ...

Sam encourages a gloomy Lucky to believe that his sister will be fine. Meanwhile, Lulu awakens screaming from a nightmare about Logan.

Karpov questions Sonny's decision to intervene in Anthony's public quarrel with his daughter. Lucky ducks into hiding when Elizabeth unexpectedly appears at Sam's door.

Jason warns Carly not to unleash another one of her harebrained schemes in a misguided effort to help her young cousin. Scott finally returns to Port Charles and is stunned when Tracy and Nikolas reluctantly reveal that Logan is dead.

A disapproving Max dispenses some unsolicited advice to Sonny about his new business associate. Anthony apologizes to Claudia for losing his temper the night before. Jason tells Carly who really killed Logan.

Meanwhile, a seething Scott vows to step up and make his son's murderer pay dearly. Sal introduces Lourdes to her new piano teacher.

Maxie assures a crestfallen Spinelli that their one night of lovemaking is already forgotten. At the precinct house, Scott grows more enraged upon learning how Johnny escaped from custody.

Lourdes is disappointed to discover that "Joe" has a live-in girlfriend. Max confides to Diane the dangerous game his boss is playing with the Russian mob.

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