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General Hospital
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

Nikolas and Lucky warn Scott that putting a price on Johnny's head will endanger Lulu's life. Meanwhile, in New York City, Lourdes elects to hide from Sal the truth she's learned about their new neighbors.

Claudia tells Ric she'll give him whatever he wants if he can ensure that her brother escapes a murder charge. At the precinct house, Sonny cautions Jason that the organization is vulnerable to attack while he's in custody.

Carly pours on the charm and flattery until Jax finally succumbs to her seduction scene. Robin coaxes her mother to accompany her and Patrick to Eli's concert but Anna digs in her heels and flatly refuses to go.

Lucky accuses Scott of using Logan's death to wreak revenge on the whole Spencer clan for the grudge he's been carrying against Luke for years. Lourdes asks "Joe" for another piano lesson, then quizzes him about his life in Chicago.

Sonny rails at Jason for working with Carly to rob him of his sons. Sam secretly meets with Lucky at the free clinic and updates him on her search for the source of the counterfeit drugs.

After making love with Carly, Jax stuns her by donning a parachute and leaping from the plane. Diane hems and haws when Jason wonders what Sonny has been working on. Ric makes it clear to Claudia that she must have sex with him in order to save Johnny.

Lulu and Johnny are shocked when Sal bitterly reveals how the Zaccharas killed his father. Robin enlists Noah's help in persuading Anna to attend the concert. Ric gleefully drops a bombshell on Jason.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

General Hospital
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