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General Hospital
Thursday, July 3

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Today on General Hospital, Maxie advises Matt to steer clear of Logan after encountering them talking together on the docks. Leyla describes for Spinelli the qualities she looks for in the "perfect" man.

Johnny promises a leery Nikolas that he would never hurt Lulu. Logan heaps verbal abuse on Maxie before departing. Alexis is appalled to learn of Kate's engagement.

An emotional Claudia again entreats Carly for help protecting her beloved brother. Jax stops by the penthouse to offer Spinelli a job in his investment firm, then points out that he'd be working at the Metro Court in close proximity to Maxie.

Alexis urges Kate to call off her wedding but the bride-to-be refuses to reconsider. Later, Diane eases some of Alexis' fears by suggesting that a pre-nup is in order which will take Sonny to the cleaners when the marriage inevitably fails.

Johnny berates a startled Lulu for constantly badmouthing his big sister. Kate pays Maxie a rare compliment. Diane advises Spinelli to turn down Jax's offer.

Johnny warns his father to stop pushing so hard before he loses him for good. Jerry threatens to rat Claudia out to Anthony. After Lulu shoots him down once more, a seething Logan blames Maxie for destroying his relationship with the girl of his dreams.

Claudia is forced to confess to her father how she hired Devlin to assassinate Sonny. Carly pries a dirty little secret out of her husband's pilot. Logan corners a trembling Maxie in the Crimson office after hours.

Peering down from Johnny's balcony, Lulu sees Maxie fighting desperately to keep her attacker at bay.

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