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General Hospital
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

Outraged by Eli's attitude towards his own son, Anna flattens him with one kick. On Spoon Island, Nadine is crushed when Nikolas tells her she's been like a sister to him.

Jason explains to Monica why he won't be able to visit her once she leaves rehab and returns to the Quartermaine mansion.

Claudia interrupts Ric's tete-a-tete with Sonny to take her family's lawyer to task for consorting with the enemy. Patrick blasts Eli for turning his back on the child he helped create.

Nadine angrily reminds Nikolas that since she is certainly not his sister he has no say in how she lives her life. Monica points out to Jason how Sonny deprived him of a bright future long ago.

Johnny succeeds in teasing Lulu out of her doldrums but Lourdes barges in again just as the couple begins to get cozy. Anna admits to Noah how much she regrets wasting any time on a loser like Eli.

Edward warns Tracy to be on her best behavior when Monica comes home. Spinelli regretfully informs Jason that Karpov has been transferring money into Sonny's offshore account.

An agitated Lucky tells his brother he feels like he's losing it. Lulu cautions Johnny that Lourdes is trouble. Later, Lourdes confronts Johnny with what she's learned but promises to keep his dark secret.

Noah and Anna share a kiss.

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General Hospital
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