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General Hospital
Tuesday, July 8
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Today on General Hospital ...

Noah returns to Port Charles and is pleased when his son invites him to assist on a surgical case. Carly denies Jason's allegation that she's secretly hoping her marriage will blow up in her face.

Sonny flatly rejects Claudia's come-on. Realizing too late that she's plunged the knife into Logan's abdomen, Lulu watches in horror as her attacker slumps to the floor.

Robin reminds Anna why bulletproof glass and Kevlar curtains in the nursery might be a bit over the top. Carly forces Spinelli to show her the press photo of Kate with her head in Jax's lap.

Johnny and Maxie arrive at the Zacchara penthouse and find Lulu standing over Logan's lifeless body.

As they board the private jet for their flight home, Kate nervously wonders how to do damage control before Sonny sees the picture the paparazzi shot in Manhattan.

Claudia admits to a sympathetic Sonny why she had sex with Trevor when she was just sixteen. Patrick tells his startled dad about Robin's pregnancy.

After Maxie and Logan both describe their frightening encounters with Logan, Johnny feels certain Scott would never believe their story.

Noah irks Patrick by declaring that it would be disastrous for him to try to raise a child. Jason attempts to calm Carly but she seethes at the thought of Kate seducing Jax.

Sonny advises Claudia to remember that her father doesn't define her.

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