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General Hospital
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's General Hospital:

Robin thanks Jason for helping her understand Patrick's point of view. Promising Carly he hasn't been unfaithful to her, Jax explains to his fuming wife how the "compromising" photo came about.

Across town, Sonny assures a relieved Kate he knows she would never cheat on him. Johnny tells his sister he was alone when Logan smashed down the door, then claims he stabbed his assailant in self-defense.

At the hospital, Noah berates his son for suing Robin. Surprised to learn that Anna plans to testify on Patrick's behalf, Noah vows to take the stand for his grandchild's mother in turn.

Jax is forced to confess how he kissed Kate the night Carly took Michael to the institute. As Maxie talks fast to keep Lulu from blurting out the truth, Claudia reminds her brother why they can never let Scott find out that Johnny killed his son.

Elizabeth and Robin compare notes on the struggle to do the right thing for their children. Following her quarrel with her husband, Carly returns to Jason's penthouse with her own skewered view of reality.

Claudia and Johnny decide to dump Logan's body near the free clinic. Meanwhile, Maxie and Lulu stage a screechy cat fight at the diner to provide themselves with alibis.

Noah points out to a bristling Patrick why he'll never be father material. Kate tells her fiance they'll be through if he ever cheats on her with Carly. Maxie reaches out to a shaken Lulu.

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General Hospital
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