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General Hospital
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

Sam shows Lucky the coded e-mail she received from his father. A giggling Diane and Max enjoy a stolen moment of passion until Jason returns to his office ahead of schedule.

Curtis warns Patrick he better be prepared to raise his child alone if Robin dies of AIDS. Sonny tells Kate he's reached a decision and won't be going back into his old business after all.

Tracy returns to Port Charles and wonders why her wandering husband is still on the road. Maxie hatches an idea after learning that Johnny's new penthouse has a bird's eye view of the "Crimson" office.

Diane cautions Jason that Sonny is having second thoughts about surrendering his position of power.

Kate lashes out at Carly for harassing her ex.

Spinelli has another run-in with the racist who insulted Leyla but receives timely back up from the gun-toting trio of Max, Milo and Jason.

Robin tearfully confides to Elizabeth her fear that her baby will be left in the lurch if she does succumb to her disease.

After deciphering the clues in Luke's message, Sam eagerly insists on accompanying Lucky to Mexico. Robin considers drawing up a will but balks at naming Patrick as her baby's legal guardian.

Carly barges into Jason's office to complain about Sonny and Kate

Impressed by Jax's suave way with the gentler gender, Spinelli begs the owner of the Metro Court to mentor him.

Elizabeth dispenses some unsolicited advice to Patrick

Though Sonny coaxes her to join him for a romantic sojourn on his private island, Kate regretfully reminds her lover why she needs to tend to "Crimson" business at the moment.

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