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General Hospital
Episode Recap
June 20, 2008

Today, on General Hospital ...

Mac handcuffs a protesting Patrick and drags him down to the precinct house. Meanwhile, Robin calls Maxie to ask for help reining in her overprotective uncle.

Spinelli and Claudia move a feverish Jason over to the couch, then check with the health authorities about how best to proceed.

Tracy advises Carly to do everything in her power to prevent Lulu from making the same tragic mistake she herself made years ago.

An enraged Jax begins pummeling Jerry until both brothers are taken into custody. Leaping to the wrong conclusion after she spots an enormous diamond ring in Max's hands, Diane happily declares that she will marry him.

Jason proves to be a difficult patient for Spinelli to handle.

Jerry and Jax continue to bicker even as they're questioned by the cops. Sonny scolds Max for letting Diane abscond with the engagement ring he bought for Kate.

Across town, Diane confides to Alexis how getting hitched is the last thing in the world she wants to do. Tracy interrupts an intimate moment between Lulu and Johnny.

Max points out to Sonny how none of his previous marriages have panned out. Maxie reminds Mac why he can't keep arresting every man with whom Robin gets involved

Diane comes clean with a relieved Max about her wish to remain single. Patrick invites Robin to move in with him. Alexis arranges for all charges against the Jax siblings to be dropped.

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