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General Hospital
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

Nikolas and Nadine prepare for opening day at the Emily Quartermaine Clinic. While visiting his son at the precinct house, Anthony promises Johnny that the people who have been persecuting him will pay dearly.

Claudia walks into the D.A.'s office to find Alexis and Jerry in a passionate clinch. Carly gets nowhere trying to convince Jax that she's not pregnant. Tracy goes to the rehab center to ask Monica for advice about Lulu.

Alexis asks Jerry to explain the weird vibe crackling between him and Claudia Zacchara. Nikolas smells a rat when not a single patient shows up at the free clinic. Kate enlists Maxie's help as her plans go forward for a wedding in the fall.

Carly tells Jax why she's still not ready to take a pregnancy test. Scott threatens to have Alexis removed from office unless she files charges against Johnny. An agitated Claudia warns her brother to give Lulu up because the girl is nothing but trouble.

Nikolas accuses Mayor Floyd of trying to protect his own selfish interests. Meanwhile, Nadine takes it upon herself to drum up business for the clinic. Carly confides to an astounded Diane that she might be carrying Sonny's child.

Tracy appeals to Johnny to do the right thing by Lulu by turning her away before she suffers the same cruel fate as his late mother. Down the hall, Anthony reminds a rattled Alexis how Kristina could fall victim to a tragic "accident" at camp.

Diane cautions Carly that Sonny would have full rights to the baby if he is indeed its father.

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