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General Hospital
Friday, June 27
Episode Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

Maxie's first encounter with a new doctor at the hospital leaves her with mixed emotions. Sonny asks Carly straight out if he's the father of her unborn child.

Ignoring Tracy's advice, Johnny greets Lulu with a lingering kiss. Robin informs a peeved Patrick that she's been taken off bed rest and is therefore heading back to work immediately.

After Alexis repeats the threat Anthony uttered, Jerry assures his lover he'll handle the Zaccharas. Nikolas tells Dr. Hunter he's the one paying for the fellowship which brought Matt to Port Charles in the first place.

Claudia commends Jason for staying with Spinelli until his fever broke. Robin shudders when Anna returns to town and announces that she's going to personally look after her pregnant daughter.

Elizabeth overhears Spinelli talking about how Claudia has eyes for Jason. Determined to fend Sonny off, Carly claims that Jason is the only possible father if she is indeed pregnant.

Jax warns Kate that she's headed for a fall if she marries Sonny. Ric impresses Claudia by obtaining a court order for Johnny's release. Sonny accuses his ex of concocting a ridiculous lie in a futile attempt to keep him from his child.

Robin sneaks away from Anna and hurries to the hospital
. Sonny tries to come clean with Kate but she unwittingly talks him out of making a confession.

Alexis confides to Nikolas her fear that she's just unleashed a monster. Patrick legally petitions for visitation rights so he can bond with his baby-to-be. Sonny drops a hint to a startled Jax.

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