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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 6.3.08

Today on General Hospital, Jax and Carly remain at an impasse over her friendship with Jason. Jax wants to kick Anthony out of the Metro Court but Carly says the Zaccahara family is welcome to stay there.

An angry Alexis confronts Sonny, believing he was the one calling the shots and responsible for the Zacchara fire. Sonny denies. Kate meets with a distributor who tries to blackmail her for more money, but Sonny arrives and uses his mob persona to intimidate the man.

Tracy returns from being on the run with Luke, unhappy with the whole experience. Tracy and Edward are in an uproar when they discover Johnny and Lulu in bed together at the mansion. Lulu walks out with Johnny after accusing Tracy of just being angry because things didn't go well for her with Luke.

Robin's blog is a huge hit, with many of the comments bashing Patrick. An angry Patrick has Spinelli flood Robin's blog with negative comments. An angry Robin can tell they are from Spinelli, so she turns to Maxie for help. Spinelli meets a girl at Jake's.

Nikolas accuses Claudia of kissing him just so she can butter him up to further ensure his silence on her role in Michael's shooting. Claudia denies and Nikolas apologizes. The two talk about what could have been and share a kiss just as Lulu walks in.

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General Hospital
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