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General Hospital
June 30, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Patrick warns Robin he won't let her push him out of their baby's life. Carly explains to an exasperated Jason why she claimed he was the father of her unborn child.

Holding a gun to Johnny's head, Jerry informs Anthony he's taking the Zacchara heir hostage and will kill him without a second's hesitation if anything happens to Alexis or her children.

Matt tries to give Maxie the bum's rush after he finds her in a seemingly compromising position with Spinelli. Sonny's peculiar comment rankles Jax, who heads off to question his wife.

A desperate Claudia gets nowhere trying to convince Jerry to take her prisoner instead of her baby brother. Kate reminds her uneasy fiance how they must never have any secrets between them.

Anna softens her attitude towards Patrick following a heart to heart about his desire to be a real father to Robin's baby.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth advises Robin to settle her disagreement with Patrick before it reaches court.

After hearing his aunt's story, Nikolas threatens to rat Claudia out to Jason unless she ensures the safety of Alexis and her girls.

Carly finally takes the pregnancy test and is relieved when it comes up negative. Matt suspects Spinelli may be suffering from a specific personality disorder but his patient refuses to be tested.

Anna regretfully informs her stunned daughter that she'd have to testify on Patrick's behalf if the visitation rights case goes to court.

Jax asks Carly straight out if there's any chance Sonny could have impregnated her.

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General Hospital
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