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General Hospital
June 4, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Jason goes to the rehab center to visit Monica, who urges her son to get out of the mob before it ruins him the way it destroyed Michael.

Sonny barges in on a meeting between Kate and "Crimson's" distributor, then uses his reputation as a tough guy to intimidate Todd into seeing things his way.

Jax accuses Carly of wanting the Zaccharas to stay at the Metro Court so she can spy on them for Jason. On Spoon Island, a fuming Lulu demands to know why her brother is cozying up to a skank like Claudia.

Robin shows Maxie the comments Spinelli posted on her blog. Meanwhile, at Jake's, Patrick and Coleman watch approvingly as Spinelli makes progress with a possible new conquest.

Monica reminds Jason why she blames Sonny for corrupting him. Out of Claudia's earshot, Lulu warns Nikolas that his "friend" will prove to be nothing but trouble. Spinelli is dismayed to discover that his pretty new acquaintance is a lesbian.

After Sonny forces Todd to agree to his terms, Kate blasts her lover for interfering in her business. Jason informs his appalled mother he's taken over the Corinthos organization from Sonny.

Maxie takes Patrick and Spinelli to task for spamming her cousin's website. Claudia returns to the mainland and learns that her family's mansion has been torched.

Jax angrily orders Sonny to keep his distance from "Crimson." Patrick and Robin again hash out their differences. Insisting he doesn't want a war, Johnny asks Jason to promise he'll back off of the Zaccharas from now on.

Maxie gives Spinelli food for thought as he continues to search for a way to impress her. Nikolas visits Emily's tomb. Carly takes exception when Claudia issues a thinly veiled threat to Lulu.

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