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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 3-10-08

Part One
Lucky takes note of Ian's interest in Sam. Cassius tells Epiphany about a new lead in her son's murder. Feigning surprise when his brother makes a big announcement, Jerry congratulates Jax on the baby. Swamped at the diner, Mike is grateful when Marianna lends a hand during the busy dinner rush. Robin icily reminds Patrick why he is nothing more to her unborn child than its genetic donor. Emily pressures Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) to prove his love by getting the help he so desperately needs. Later, Alexis scrambles to call 911 after discovering her nephew lying unconscious on his living room floor.

Part Two
Mike offers Marianna a job waiting tables but she shudders when Randy shows up at Kelly's. Ian is revealed to be Jerry's partner in crime. Scott snarls at Lulu when he finds her in his son's room. Lucky eavesdrops as his wife and Jason discuss the possibility that Elizabeth was responsible for the hit-and-run which injured Sam. Sonny threatens to cut off Johnny's fingers unless he says where Michael is. Patrick cautions Robin to shield the baby from the CT scan if she wants to scrub in on Nikolas' surgery. Ric warns Randy to back off of Marianna. Peg encourages Michael to call his folks and come clean. Sonny issues a lethal new ultimatum to Johnny.

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General Hospital
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