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General Hospital
March 11, 2008

Trevor makes no effort to come to Johnny's aid as Sonny menaces him. Sonny takes his frustration out on Jason. Sonny walks into the lion's den when he goes to confront Trevor at the Zacchara mansion.

Elizabeth and Marianna strike up an easy friendship when they encounter each other at Kelly's. Ric credits Marianna for making him believe he can be a better man.

Scott accuses Lulu of deliberately hurting Logan in order to get revenge

As Patrick and the others work to save him, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) longs to stay by Emily's side. Emily (Natalia Livingston) forces Nikolas to accept the fact that he must get the surgery because Spencer needs him. Still, Nikolas fears he'll lose his visions of Emily forever if he gets his tumor removed. Getting violent, the medical team tries to sedate him and Nikolas ends up kicking Robin. Lucky doesn't tell Sam about overhearing Elizabeth's confession to Jason. Until next time on General Hospital ...

General Hospital
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