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General Hospital
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General Hospital Part I
Claudia tells Trevor she's bringing "daddy" home from the hospital to recuperate. He reminds her he's locked up in a home for the criminally insane and can't get out. Confronting him about the hit and run, Lucky tells Jason he overheard him telling Elizabeth not to go to the cops. Jason insists there are two others he's investigating and asks him not to talk to Elizabeth until he talks to him first. Admitting he found a specialist for him in Seattle, Patrick tells Jason he wants him to leave for the west coast and Dr. Brown.

General Hospital Part II
Bringing him some new clothes, Maxie admits he looks good in the suit. Spinelli complains he can't crack the code to disarm the time bombs.Alexis remarks how rested and content Ric appears and asks about his plans. He admits his only concern is his daughter.Sonny tries to press Monica for the truth about her medical condition but she won't talk. He's relieved to find her waiting for him until she reveals her heart was damaged and now she has pericarditis which may kill her or require medication for the rest of her life.

General Hospital Part III
Carly panics when Jax suggests it might be time to ask the police to help find Michael. After Sonny promises her that he will bring Michael home safely, Carly leaks that Kate knows he was unfaithful. Catching Michael about to leave and still afraid of what his dad will do because of the gun, Peg urges him to do what's right, not just what's right for him. Later, Michael calls Carly and is unaware of yet another bomb. When Trevor confronts Marianna at Kelly's about Ric, Randy offers her his help.

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General Hospital
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