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General Hospital
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Relieved to see Johnny alive and well, Lulu rushes into his arms and they share a kiss.

Claudia begs Sonny not to leave her alone in the ruins of the cannery but he coldly declares he's done more than enough by saving her life. Robin sheepishly admits to Patrick she messed up big time by lying to him.

Trevor warns Marianna to get Ric to sign over Alcazar's property or else. Jax and Jerry are forced to abandon their search for Carly when Alexis orders the police to hold the brothers back under threat of arrest.

After disposing of Randy, Ric stumbles over unconscious Carly and pulls her to safety. Johnny and Claudia are reunited. Jerry swears to Jax he had nothing to do with the explosion

In the ER, Claudia adamantly refuses to allow Robin to treat her after learning the doctor is HIV positive. Unaware that a terrified Lulu is looking on, Johnny roughs Sonny up after he finds him harassing Claudia.

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General Hospital
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