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General Hospital
March 19, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's General Hospital, Lucky finds Sam in the hospital's garage, checking out the damage to the front end of Elizabeth's car. Claudia returns home and urges her brother not to take it upon himself to escalate this.

As Carly regains consciousness, Jax assures his wife that Michael escaped from the explosion with only a few cuts and scratches. Relieved to learn that her unborn child is also unhurt, Carly reacts with surprise to the news that it was Ric who pulled her from the debris.

Scott tells Logan he's expected to make a full recovery.

Sam accuses Lucky of protecting his estranged wife instead of pursuing justice. Lulu confides to a sympathetic Elizabeth how seeing the dark side of Johnny has left her feeling confused. Happily reunited with Michael and Morgan, Carly breaks some big news to her boys about the baby she's expecting.

Trevor warns Johnny not to turn his back on the deceitful Claudia for a single minute. Carly promises Michael that nobody will ever know how he shot Kate. Later, when Jax insists that his stepson take responsibility for dangerous actions, Carly claims that Michael has learned his lesson.

Logan reassures Lulu she has nothing to apologize for, then explains why he believes she's the one who brought him out of the coma. Claudia and Trevor spit insults at one another as Johnny looks on. Jax warns Carly he will never let the violence which surrounds Sonny's world touch their child. Lulu confesses to Logan how torn she is by the affection she feels for both him and Johnny. Claudia introduces herself to Carly.

As an argument ensues, Carly suddenly suffers sharp abdominal pains.

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General Hospital
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