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General Hospital
Episode Recap
March 21, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Carly and Jax try to come to grips with Carly's miscarriage. Jax blames Sonny's violent lifestyle, and Carly agrees with him. The two vow to do better by their children and keep them safe.

They arrive home to see Sonny - who they blame for bringing danger into their lives - with Michael.

Jason talks Sonny down from killing Johnny. Sonny proposes a truce with the Zaccharas, but Johnny still seems intent on getting revenge for being imprisoned. Claudia meets with Ian and agrees to transport his drugs.

Wanting to put an end to Sam's manipulation of Lucky, Elizabeth tells Jason she's going to confess to Sam's hit and run. Jason convinces Elizabeth to wait and later confronts Monica, who is drunk at work, about being the real culprit. Lucky and Sam decide to make another go of their relationship.

Patrick is greatly affected by the news of Carly's miscarriage, thinking of his own unborn child with Robin.

Nikolas is pleased that Ian's drugs seem to work for him: He still can see Emily. He agrees to pay Ian $10 million for a year's supply of the drugs. Meanwhile, Emily tells Nikolas she is worried for him.

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